About Courtney

Courtney was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by experts at age 3. She was nonverbal and this diagnosis was the product of specialized consultation given that knowledge of autism was rare. As a result of this diagnosis Courtney received intensive early-intervention occupational, physical and speech therapies which dramatically improved her level of functioning.

Despite these improvements, she struggled to succeed in school due to bullying, inability to focus, sleep difficulties, meltdowns and lack of motivation. Like many others on the spectrum, she improved socially over the years, but failed to find an upward trajectory through high school and four years of undergraduate study. Afraid for her future and desperately looking for a way out, she made a series of fateful decisions which led her to change her attitude and habits, discover a life track, a purpose and how to be successful on the spectrum. As a result of these actions, Courtney is now a Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry and has dedicated her life to the pursuit of success, teaching and inspiring others. But she realizes that many others on the spectrum have not experienced this level of success for various reasons and wants to help by teaching others the skills she has learned to overcome the challenges of autism.

How is Courtney Different From Other Bloggers and Speakers On The Spectrum?

  • Courtney was not always high-functioning. She was diagnosed very young and nonverbal, compared to many others she has had a much steeper climb up the spectrum.
  • Courtney was diagnosed at a time when very little information about autism existed, as a result much of what she learned to cope was self-discovered, experimental and differs from what is widely recommended.
  • As a scientist at an elite university, Courtney is a great example for how to apply one’s passion, energy, and unique autistic traits to great success.
  • Courtney had to grow from being an underachiever into a dedicated pursuer of excellence. If she can achieve success, so can you and she wants to show you how!
  • Despite being originally nonverbal, Courtney is a massively talented speaker and personality. She is an experienced professional speaker and her experience includes teaching, workshops, presentations, panels and more! Her positive energy and passion will inspire the audience to achieve anything!
Left: circa 1993, Right: Teaching chemistry in 2014


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