Coming Soon to Autism Achiever!

Thank you to everyone who visited this site during our launch week! The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I appreciate the outpouring of support! What has been more validating than anything is the response this site and its mission has gotten from other people on the autism spectrum. It’s hard to say you’re helping a community that disagrees with the heart of your message. Instead, everyone I’ve shown in the autism community has been in complete agreement, which has only further inspired me to get this message out there and change the way we talk about autism!

Now that we’ve launched, I wanted to tell you about the great content that is coming soon to Autism Achiever!

You’ll notice the first few posts talk about attitude. This was intentional because attitude underlies everything. You can do many things right, but if the mindset isn’t there you’ll give up when things get tough (which they will if you’re heading in the right direction!).

So what can you look forward to seeing at Autism Achiever?

In the future, I’ll be making posts with practical, actionable advice on topics like:

  • Academic success
  • How to create structure and organization in your life
  • How to be more effective socially
  • How to prevent and manage meltdowns
  • How to manage sleep issues
  • How to manage sensory issues
  • The elements of success
  • How to build a winning mindset
  • How to stay motivated
  • Coping with anxiety and depression
  • …and much more!

In addition to these practical spectrum-survival topics I will answer questions on our new Q&A page, bust autism myths, break down interesting peer-reviewed literature about autism, provide spectrum-perspectives on autism-related news stories, and encourage everyone to go out and achieve more!


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